Everything Google Announced at I/O 2023 (2023)

The opening keynote address of the Google I/O developer conference today was stuffed with announcements of new devices and AI-powered features coming to familiar software tools. The company leaned hard into generative computing, loudly characterizing itself as adecades-long leader in AI tech. It also gleefully put AI at the forefront of nearly every service and device it operates, including the new Pixel phones and tablet it unveiled today.

Here are all of Google’s announcements from I/O 2023.

Photograph: Julian Chokkattu

The Pixel Fold Arrives

Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh announces the Pixel Fold on stage.

Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
(Video) Google I/O 2023: Everything Revealed in 12 Minutes

Google’s first folding phone, thePixel Fold, is here and costs a startling $1,799. It’s thinner than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4, and there’s a wide, full front screen that offers up an almost normal smartphone experience. Open it up and you get a 7.6-inch OLED screen for watching movies, multitasking, or reading. We’ve gota hands-on report where you can read more about the Fold. Preorders are live now—if you bite, Google is tossing in a free Pixel Watch—but it ships in June.

There’s a Pixel Tablet Too

The Pixel Tablet comes with a speaker dock that it magnetically attaches to.

Photograph: Google

Announced atlast year’s Google I/O, the Pixel Tablet is finally a reality. Well, almost—preorders are live today (only in 11 countries), and it goes on sale June 20, so you still have to wait a bit more. This $499 tablet isn’t reallymeant to be a tablet you take with you on the go. Rather, it rests on a magnetic dock (included) when you’re not using it, and the dock wirelessly recharges the slate and doubles as a speaker (the sound quality is purportedly equal to a Nest Hub). When it’s on the dock, it acts as a traditional Google smart speaker, with options to control your smart home devices, and even has a similar microphone array to pick up your “Hey Google” commands. Chromecast is built in, so you can cast to it from your phone or laptop.

When you want to use it, just pop it off the dock and it’s a normal Android tablet—except a bit better, because Google has made some strides in improving the tablet experience on Android, with more than 50 Google apps optimized for the larger screen. It’s powered by the Tensor G2 chipset, and has many of the same software features as other Pixel devices. Sadly, there are no other accessories—no stylus and no keyboard. Youcantake it out and use it with Bluetooth accessories, but it’s clear Google is really envisioning this as a homebody.

(Video) 10 crazy announcements from Google I/O

Also a Low-Cost Pixel 7A

Every year, Google announces an A-series version of the flagship Pixel that came before. This year’sPixel 7A is a little more pricey ($499) than last year’s model, but you get a few more high-end perks, like a 90-Hz screen refresh rate and wireless charging support. The cameras are also completely new, with a 64-megapixel sensor leading the pack. You canread more about it in our review (8/10, WIRED Recommends). You can also order it right now—Google is tossing a free case and $100 for another accessory (like thePixel Buds A-Series) if you buy it today.

Chatbot-Style Answers Are Coming to Search

Video: Google

Google users in the US will be able to access anexperimental version of the company’s web search that incorporates ChatGPT-style text generation. For some queries, AI-generated text will appear above the usual links and ads, summarizing information drawn from across the web. A query about the coronation of Britain’s new king might be met with a couple of paragraphs summarizing the event. If asked about ebikes, Google’s algorithms can list bullet-point takeaways of product reviews published by various websites. WIRED, of course, is one of those websites that publish manyproduct reviews, so we’ll be watching to see how this feature changes the way readers encounter our buying advice.

Android Gets an AI Boost

Video: Google

(Video) Everything Google Announced at I/O 2023

Google’s updates to Android—normally the focus of I/O events in the past—came some 80 minutes into the event. As you might have guessed, Google is sticking even moreAI features into its mobile operating system. It laid out some enhancements to privacy protection, but mostly focused on cosmetic settings. The big setting that Google execs seemed stoked about involved AI wallpapers, which let you change the art styles of photos and create interactive, moving backgrounds from pictures and emoji.

Google is also bringing the generative features of its Bard chatbot directly into Android messaging, with settings that let you ask questions right in the chat box and adjust the syntax of your messages to adapt to different tones.

Generative AI Creation Tools in Workspace

Google is sliding AI into its Workspace apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Duet AI for Workspace, as it’s called, can use Google’s generative AI to create job descriptions, write creative stories, or auto-generate spreadsheets for tracking information. It can also build out whole presentations, suggesting text for slides or instantly generating custom visual elements like photos. It appears to be Google’s answer to Microsoft’s365 Copilot, which uses some of the company’s generative tools to add productive and creative enhancements to Microsoft’s Office software. Google’s AI-powered updates to its free web-based software suite will be available to consumers soon, the company says.

Behold the Magic Editor

An update to Google’s photo-editing feature Magic Eraser is coming later this year. The tool will now be called Magic Editor, and Google says it’s basically a quick mobile version of Photoshop. Users can change nearly every element of a photo, including adjusting lighting, removing unwanted foreground elements like backpack straps, and even moving the subject of the photo into other parts of the frame.

(Video) Google Keynote (Google I/O ‘23)

Google’s pitching the service as a way to enhance photos, but the potential is there to make really any edit to a photo at all. It’s not hard to imagine this going wildly off the rails, as any photo can be easily adjusted to move people around, reposition arms so it appears the person was touching something they weren’t, or even add elements to the frame that weren’t there in real life. Google hasn’t said whether the manipulated photographs will be labeled as such, though it did mention it would be watermarking images that were entirely generated by computers.

Matter and Smart Home

We always seem to be on thecusp of the real and helpful—and not annoying—smart home. But what will it take to tip that expectation over the edge into reality? Google bets that small, incremental improvements will slowly tempt you to incorporate more connected devices into your home, like the fabric-covered Pixel tablet that functions as a portable Nest hub with one-tap access to a newly redesigned Google Home app. Other sweeteners include easier access to Google Home from your Wear OS smartwatch and a new control panel for your home that runs on Android tablets. Google is even—gulp—building tools to provide Matter support for iOS users.

Google didn’t spend a lot of time touting the relatively newMatter smart home standard during the I/O keynote. But it did let us know in briefings that in just a few weeks, you’ll be able to control Matter devices in the Google Home app from iOS devices. Any family member can access the panel, or switch profiles. As they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em … in putting a Matter sticker on every home appliance.

Android Auto

In something of a plodding reply to Apple’s startling plans for CarPlay 2 announced in June last year, Google’s Android Auto teamfinally has news to share. It didn’t come during the I/O keynote, but it came in side-briefings before the show.

Cottoning on to the fact that people are sitting in their vehicles with little to do while at charging stations, Android Auto will soon support video, gaming, and browsing in cars. Apparently, YouTube will be available in Polestars, which already run on a Google OS, in the coming weeks. Games mentioned includeBeach Buggy Racing 2 (will you be able to play using the steering wheel?), andSolitaire FRVR (yawn). Apple’s version, rather than working alongside the existing car software, will supposedly replace it entirely—so this Android automotive update feels “lite” in comparison. Still, car companies will likely be happier with Google’s less aggressive approach here. Android Auto is also working with Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom to enable conference calls, so you can join meetings by audio directly from the car display. Gaming, browsing the web, and conference calls ... this is hardly bleeding-edge tech. It’s also worth noting that if you’re sitting and charging your EV, you can do all this from your phone anyway. But any improvement to the in-car Android experience is welcome.

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What are the upcoming Google devices 2023? ›

Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

Google typically releases its flagship, slab-style smartphones during the fall season, and that cadence looks to remain in 2023. This year, the company is expected to launch the Pixel 8 series around September and October, succeeding last year's 7 series.

What will happen to Google in 2023? ›

Google will be going through a lot of changes this year. Starting in July 2023, Google Analytics will move to GA4, a new type of website analytics tracking system. This means that the old Universal Analytics will no longer accept new data. Everyone must be moved over.

What will be announced at Google io? ›

The Pixel 7a is available now

At I/O, Google not only fully revealed its next midrange phone, the Pixel 7a, but also surprise-announced that the phone is available to purchase — not preorder — right now, for $499.

How do I attend Google IO 2023? ›

This year's event will be broadcast in front of a limited live audience and is open to everyone online on May 10, 2023. Tune in to the livestreamed keynotes, then dive into technical content and learning material on demand. Registration begins March 7 and is free of cost.

What is the next big thing for Google? ›

Google's Next Big Thing: A Game-Changing Search Engine coming soon. Google is currently developing an all-new search engine powered by its latest AI technology. Meanwhile, the company is also working on adding AI-based features to its existing search engine under the project name Magi.

Which app did Google announced that they will discontinued in 2023? ›

Several Google Code Jam problems have sparked academic research. But on February 22, 2023, Google announced that Google Code Jam will be discontinued alongside its other programming competitions, Hash Code and Kick Start.

Will Google reach $5,000? ›

Google isn't just one the largest and most powerful companies in the world right now – it is also one of the most highly diversified too, with a portfolio of businesses representing a plethora of segments, many of which offer promising growth opportunities in the future.

Where will Google stock be in 2 years? ›

Google share price forecast: Analysts' projections

According to Coin Price Forecast, Alphabet price could hit $110 by the end of 2023 and then might reach $125 by the end of 2024. Analysts estimate it could rise to $150 within the year of 2025, and is anticipated to reach $200 in 2026, $250 in 2029 and $300 in 2033.

Why is it called Google IO? ›

Google I/O (or simply I/O) is an annual developer conference held by Google in Mountain View, California. The name "I/O" is taken from the number googol, with the "I" representing the "1" in googol and the "O" representing the first "0" in the number. The format of the event is similar to Google Developer Day.

How many hours is Google IO? ›

Google is all in on AI, and wants the world to know it.

What new is Google working on? ›

Google is in the process of building an “all-new search engine” powered by its new A.I. technology while at the same time working on adding new A.I. -based features to its current search engine under the project name Magi.

What is the time limit for Google meet 2023? ›

Anyone with a Google Account can create a video meeting, invite up to 100 participants, and meet for up to 60 minutes per meeting at no cost.

How many attempts do you need to get into Google? ›

A failed login attempt is defined as 6 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts made from a device, with each subsequent unsuccessful attempt counting as an additional failed attempt.

What is Google 1 o? ›

Google One - Cloud Storage, Automatic Phone Backup, VPN and more. This site uses cookies from Google to deliver and enhance the quality of its services and to analyze traffic. Learn moreOk, Got it. About.

How do I find hidden games on Google? ›

See games you've hidden
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Games app .
  2. Tap More Settings.
  3. Under "Your data," select Review hidden games.
  4. Optional: To show a game, tap the game. Show game.

What are the big four to Google? ›

Big Four. Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Facebook (Meta), and Apple are commonly referred to as the Big Four or GAMA. They have also been referred to as "The Four", the "Gang of Four", and the "Four Horsemen".

What should I replace Google with? ›

  • Why Would You Need an Alternative to Google? Seriously, why would you? ...
  • Bing. The second most popular search engine in the world, Microsoft's Bing is one of the few search engines that serve as a full alternative to Google. ...
  • Baidu. ...
  • Yandex. ...
  • DuckDuckGo. ...
  • WolframAlpha. ...
  • Ecosia. ...
  • EveryClick.

Why is Google shutting off? ›

It appears to be largely due to Google Play Services, Play Store, or the Google Search app. Some other Google apps and processes that are responsible for managing the Android operating system may also be responsible.

Which app did Google ban? ›

The top 10 Android apps that Google banned are Handy Translator Pro, Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker, Geospot: GPS Location Tracker, iCare – Find Location, My Chat Translator, Bus – Metrolis 2021, Free Translator Photo, Locker Tool, Fingerprint Changer, Call Recoder Pro.

Is Google keep going away? ›

Support ended for the Google Keep Chrome app in early 2021. We have moved Chrome apps to the web. Offline access to notes is available on Keep mobile apps, but not on your computer.

Who is the most Googled person in history? ›

Who is the most Googled person globally? As of May 2023, the most searched person on Google globally was actor Johnny Depp followed closely by actress Amber Heard.

What not to search up on Google? ›

Here are 10 things you should never Google.
  • Mr Hands. A former Boeing engineer, Kenneth Pinyan went by the nickname Mr Hands and he recorded himself repeatedly having sex with a horse. ...
  • Tub Girl. ...
  • Lemon Party. ...
  • Two Girls, One Cup. ...
  • Eel Girl. ...
  • Goatse. ...
  • Mouth Larva. ...
  • Four Girls Finger Painting.
Sep 29, 2022

What if I invested $5000 in Amazon in 1997? ›

Amazon (AMZN -1.61%) has generated massive multibagger gains since its initial public offering (IPO) on May 15, 1997. The stock went public at $18, or a split-adjusted price of $1.50 per share. If you had invested just $5,000 in that IPO, your stake would be worth nearly $11.4 million today.

What if I bought $1,000 shares of Google? ›

Google underwent stocks splits of 2-for-1 in 2014 and 20-for-1 in 2022. The 11.76 shares would now be a total of 470.4 shares after the stock splits. The $1,000 investment would be worth $1,164,133.88 today based on a current share price of $105.22 at the time of writing.

Which Google stock is splitting A or C? ›

Key Takeaways. Alphabet, Google's parent company, has two listed share classes that use slightly different ticker symbols. GOOGL shares are its Class A shares, also known as common stock, which have the typical one-share, one-vote structure. GOOG shares are Class C shares that confer no voting rights.

Where will Google be in 10 years? ›

In the next decade, Alphabet should deliver faster revenue growth than what the market currently expects, thanks to AI-related growth opportunities for Google Search and Google Cloud. The sell-side sees Google's revenue growing by a 10-year CAGR of +8.5% from $282.8 billion in FY 2022 to $641.9 billion for FY 2032.

What will Google stock be worth in 2026? ›

On average, the stock may end the year at around $164 in 2026.
Google Stock Price Prediction 2026 | Google Stock Forecast 2026.
YEARAlphabet (Google) Stock Price Prediction
2026$121 to $205
Apr 12, 2023

What is Google's prediction for 2030? ›

According to the most recent long-term estimate, which Finbold obtained on March 20, the price of Google will rise beyond $200 in 2030 and touch $247 by the end of the year, which would indicate a 141% gain from today to the end of the year.

How much does it cost to go to Google IO? ›

How Much Is Google I/O? There is no fee to attend. The online event has been free since 2021.

What is Google AI called? ›

Google AI, formerly known as Google Research, is Google's artificial intelligence (AI) research and development branch for its AI applications.

What was Google originally called? ›

Can you really imagine someone saying, “Let me just BackRub that for you.” Yes, it was called BackRub back in 1996 but the name barely lasted a year as founders Larry Page and Serge Brin shortly trademarked the name 'Google.

Do Google employees work long hours? ›

Google employees typically work 40 hours a week, or 8 hours a day; however, it largely depends on the type of position. It's not unusual, for example, for a google executive to work 10-hour days, 5 to 6 days a week. However, a google accountant works around 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Will Google cancel flutter? ›

So Flutter is used by Google Pay and Google Stadia. In the Flutter 2.8 announcement it was even brought up that they ran performance tests in the Google Pay app. So Google is now invested in Flutter's success. They won't cancel the project because it would be like shooting themselves in the foot.

How do I participate in Google IO? ›

How do I attend Google IO 2023 event? You can attend the 2023 Google I/O event for free on May 10, 2023. Register on the official site of the Google I/O with your Google account. There are no tickets this year.

Who is Google's competitor in OpenAI? ›

Google has released a new artificial intelligence chatbot called Bard, which will compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT. The company has opted for a quiet release, with select insiders receiving demos and a “Join waitlist” button for others to gauge their interest.

Will Samsung replace Google with Bing? ›

Samsung Electronics will not change the default search engine on its smartphones from Google to Microsoft Corp's Bing any time soon, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Is Google getting replaced? ›

Fears are spreading in Silicon Valley that ChatGPT – the AI chatbot taking the world by storm – could become the globe's go-to search engine. Google execs are said to have declared a 'code red' over fears its $150-billion-a-year search business monopoly could be wiped out thanks to the Microsoft-backed tool.

Will Google Meet be free forever? ›

Users will be able to access the service at meet.google.com or through the iOS and Android apps. While the service's free tier is unrestricted now, it won't be unrestricted forever.

Can Google Meet expire? ›

Meetings with Google Workspace nicknames

Meeting codes expire instantly once all users leave the meeting.

Is Zoom better than Google Meet? ›

Both platforms are highly secure, but Zoom beats out Google Meet due to advanced host management features.

Is it too hard to get into Google? ›

So, taking into account that 0.2% of applicants get hired by Google, the acceptance rates for full-time software engineers and software engineer internships are somewhere in that 0.2-3.75% range. With all that notwithstanding, don't allow the difficulty of getting hired by Google put you off.

Are you allowed to have 2 Google accounts? ›

If you have more than one Google Account, you can sign in to multiple accounts at once. That way, you can switch between accounts without signing out and back in again. Your accounts have separate settings, but in some cases, settings from your default account might apply.

How many jobs can I apply for at once in Google? ›

You can apply to up to three jobs within a rolling 30 day window. Focus on applying to jobs that are the most suitable match for your talents by carefully reading the overview and qualification information.

Is Google 100GB worth it? ›

For most people, 100GB is more than enough to stash important files, work docs, and family photos. But if you're planning on using Drive as a way to backup all your data, you'll probably want to go with one of the bigger plans.

Is Google giving 1 1tb free? ›

All Google Drive users receive 15 gigabytes of free storage across Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. However, Google Fiber residential customers on our 1 Gig plans receive an additional 1 terabyte of storage space.

How much is 100GB of Google Photos a month? ›

100GB, $2 monthly plan

For $2 a month (or $20 annually), you'll get 100GB of storage to use across Drive, Gmail and Photos. You'll also get 24/7 access to a team of Google experts for your tech questions and emergencies via chat or email.

What is the next Google phone coming out? ›

Google Pixel 8 expected release date
Device familyAnnouncement
Google Pixel 6aMay 11, 2022
Google Pixel 7October 6, 2022
Google Pixel 7a (probable date)April/May, 2023 (probable date)
Google Pixel 8 (probable date)September/October 2023 (probable date)
3 more rows
5 days ago

What are Google plans for the future? ›

Google is planning a $9.5 billion expansion of its offices and data centers. Here's what we know about where that money is headed. Google is planning a $9.5 billion expansion that is expected to create more than 12,000 jobs across the United States this year, CEO Sundar Pichai announced in a blog post Wednesday.

What is Google next project? ›

Google's Next Project Replacing Android to be Integrated in the Next Few Years. Google's new project “Fuchsia” will have some functionality in the next three years. Google has been discreetly working on a project that will be next-in-line to Android, the current operating system for their smartphones and computers.

What will replace Google home? ›

Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) offers a 7-inch display, sleep tracking and all the features of Google Assistant. It replaced the original Google Home Hub that launched in 2018.

Is Google releasing a phone in 2023? ›

The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are likely to be two of the best Android phones of 2023, but we've yet to hear any official news directly from the company on their existence. Leaks and rumors suggest we'll be seeing a Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in the second half of 2023.

What will be the new phone in 2024? ›

The Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 will be Samsung's "regular" flagships for the first half of 2024, which will take the reins from the Galaxy S23 series as the main heavy-hitters in the giant's portfolio.

Is Google going to make a small phone? ›

The Pixel Fold is a smartphone that opens up into a small tablet. Following literal years of rumors and leaks, Google has finally announced the Pixel Fold, its first folding device.

What will Google look like in 2030? ›

The next goal, which Google aims to meet by 2030, is to operate 24-7 on carbon-free energy. That means that Google will operate every hour of every day with carbon-free electricity bought from a nearby, regional grid.

What is the Google plan for 2030? ›

By 2030, we aim to be the first major company to operate on 24/7 carbon-free energy. Moving towards carbon-free energy won't be easy. Here's how we're leading at Google, supporting partners, and enabling everyone to be part of the solution to climate change.

Will Google remain forever? ›

So long as Google Search is used and is profitable, it will remain. That's not to say it will also be the most used search engine forever.

What is Google next mini? ›

Meet the Nest Mini. The little speaker that's a huge help around the house. Play your go-to music, podcasts and more. Stream your favorite audio content on the improved speaker and create a home audio system with other Nest speakers.

Is Google discontinuing sites? ›

As of January 30, 2023: Editing of classic sites is turned off. You can migrate your Classic Sites for a smooth transition. If you don't migrate your Classic Sites, your classic sites will be automigrated to New Sites.

What services are Google discontinuing? ›

Killed by Google
  • Advertisement.
  • September. 2023. service. Google Optimize. ...
  • August. 2023. service. Google Cloud IoT Core. ...
  • June. 2023. app. Grasshopper. ...
  • June. 2023. service. Conversational Actions. ...
  • 2019 - 2023. service. Google Currents (2019) ...
  • 2010 - 2023. app. Google Street View (standalone app) ...
  • 2014 - 2023. hardware. Jacquard.

Why did Google discontinue home? ›

Google didn't provide an official reason for discontinuing the product. Home Max just suddenly showed as “sold out” on Google Store. Several sources on technology updates shred that Google wouldn't be manufacturing the device anymore but would continue to support existing users.

Can anything replace Google? ›

Bing. Microsoft's Bing is the second largest search engine after Google. It's easy to use and provides a more visual experience with beautiful daily background photos. Bing is great for video searches, as it displays results as large thumbnails that can be previewed with sound by hovering over them.


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