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Climb the ranks easily while amazing your teammates and enemies by using the hardest champions in League of Legends perfectly. Get to know more about them!

Hardest Champions to play in League of Legends | TGG (1)

Since League of Legends has many characters available in the game, it is inevitable that some there will be more challenging champions to use compared to their counterparts.

If you want to show off your skill to the world and master the hardest champions in League, read on because this list of the hardest champions in LoL.



One of the most well-known and awesomely designed champions, Riven the exile, still deserves a spot for being a hard champion to master in League of Legends.

At first, one might think that Riven is really simple to use because she has no mana and her abilities are straightforward.

However, there are many combos, and animation cancels that one should master in order to maximize her damage dealing potential.

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A good Riven player might also be the most challenging champion to kill in League of Legends because of her mobility and massive shield. But it would take weeks to months if someone wants to use her at a high level.



This League of Legends champion immediately became one of the hardest to play after her rework. Akali is more of a bruiser assassin unlike the other characters available in the League of Legends and Wild Rift.

Like Riven, a good Akali player should learn her animation cancels and combos to play her at a high level.

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Not only that, but the cooldowns and ability usage are also really important, so there are many things that should be remembered whenever playing this champion. The mechanics required to play the rogue assassin lands her a spot as one of the most complicated characters to play in LoL.



Even though others prefer playing mana less champions. Rumble is one of those characters that do not get picked up by beginners or players that do not understand his kit. Now, his abilities are not really that complicated.

What makes him deserving of a spot in the ten hardest champions on League of Legends list is the requirement to micromanage his heat bar.

Hardest Champions to play in League of Legends | TGG (4)

Rumble’s passive, Junkyard Titan, will have different effects depending on the level of his heat bar. So, a great Rumble player should be able to know and make the correct choice whenever facing different situations.

Not only that but his ultimate,Equalizer, is hard to use and position, too. Rumble has been a consistent pick by pro players in the top lane for a good reason. He is highly rewarding if you play him right, so investing your time into learning him is a great choice to win!


Twisted Fate

The first mid lane champion in this list, Twisted Fate, has abilities that are easy to understand. But what makes him deserving for a spot in the top 10 hardest champions in LoL is the amount of macro play that a player should know before trying to master him.

Hardest Champions to play in League of Legends | TGG (5)

There is a reason why only the best of the best can play him perfectly. Sure, Twisted Fate’s abilities are really simple, but he requires perfect positioning due to squishiness and low mobility, flawless wave management, map awareness, and immaculate rotation timings. He is probably the hardest champion in this regard.



Probably the hardest lol champion to play in the support role mechanically. Thresh definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Popularized by the legendary pro player “Madlife,” it is indeed crazy and hype to hit unthinkable hooks during a game. However, a good death sentence (Q) is not enough to make Thresh a great support since his entire kit relies on the playmaking abilities that come after his hook.

Hardest Champions to play in League of Legends | TGG (6)

Like the other champions in this list, Thresh requires a great amount of decision-making ability, and anyone that plays him should be able to think on the fly and use all of his skills effectively.



Of course, the infamous Yasuo deserves a spot on this list after players miserably try to play him in their ranked games. In fact, Yasuo’s play style and concept are highly similar to Riven.

They both use the wind as their powers, and they should focus on bursting the enemy and getting out of the fight with their high mobility abilities.

Hardest Champions to play in League of Legends | TGG (7)

However, the difficulty of playing Yasuo does not lie in combos and animation cancels like the other champions mentioned here due to his squishiness and vulnerability.

In fact, you can even master most of his combos if you dedicate a few hours to learning him— A Yasuo player should reach the late game and avoid committing misplays during team fights in order to carry his team into victory.

Even though Yasuo is memed to death, he is still probably the best champion to use in the mid-lane if you want to hard carry ranked games.


Lee Sin

Surely, no one will be shocked when they see Lee Sin on this list. League’s very own blind monk is very mechanically challenging because his combos require perfect timing and decision-making.

Every League of Legends player knows how the “Insec” kick works in the game. But also remember that there are still a lot of combos and unique jungle paths out there waiting to be used.

Hardest Champions to play in League of Legends | TGG (8)

Mastering everything about Lee Sin and being able to use it in a game with perfection requires an insane amount of dedication. If you want to main Lee Sin and use him in dozens of ranked games, then start practicing now since many unique moves are invented every second.



The hardest AD carry champion to use, Aphelios requires a high level of game knowledge and mechanics to be effective in games.

If you think counting and keeping track of cooldowns and abilities are hard, then you should stay away from playing with this champion.

Hardest Champions to play in League of Legends | TGG (9)

The AD carry role is hard on itself, but trying to play Aphelios, who is really immobile and also changes skills and weapons every minute, takes that challenge to a whole other level. Each weapon has its uses in different situations, and you should master his entire kit to play him effectively.



Last hit timing takes years of practice in order to master it perfectly. Imagine having to worry about that and using it as the main source of your damage? That is what exactly a Gangplank player feels like.

The possibility of his barrel combos is infinite, literally. The timing and execution of his abilities are essential in laning and team fights.

Hardest Champions to play in League of Legends | TGG (10)

Not to mention, his ultimate has a global range, which requires great map awareness to use effectively. Gangplank’s squishiness and lack of mobility make it even harder for his players. These reasons alone are enough for him to get a spot on the five hardest champions in LoL.



If talking about sheer difficulty, then the emperor of the sands, Azir, tops the list as the hardest champion to master in League of Legends.

At first glance, he might seem like an easy-to-use champion because his soldiers do the work for him. However, once you dive and try to understand his kit more, Azir just becomes even harder and harder.

Hardest Champions to play in League of Legends | TGG (11)

The emperor of sands needs to make aggressive and game-changing plays in order to win his team some games.

And since he is a very squishy champion, a great Azir player should master positioning and planning ahead of time to provide value for their team. Not to mention, Azir is really squishy, so Azir as a champion can either win or lose you some games.

You can figure out how challenging Azir is by looking at the number of pro players that can play him consistently in the pro leagues.

That ends the list of the hardest champions to use in League of Legends. Of course, it will ultimately fall on your preference whether you want to main a champion to climb all the ranks and increase your MMR.

Some characters in this list are rewarding to learn, though, so it will also be a great choice if you invest time into learning them.


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